Computational Neuroscience course at Göttingen, September 22.-26., 2004.

The speakers will also provide handouts during the course. Please understand that these are not yet available.

The sets of articles are provided by the speakers. The idea of the course is that the papers are studied by the participants after a general introductory lecture of 180 minutes per section. Small groups of participants will later discuss single papers and present these to the other groups.

Compared to other events of similar kind the Göttingen course is relatively short. Thus in order to benefit optimally form the course, please try to find some time for preparation. It would be helpful if you have already acquainted yourself with at least one paper of each section. Don't feel discouraged if you cannot find anything interesting or understandable in some of the sections, it is the job of the speakers to point you to the interesting aspects of each work and to provide background knowledge by which the papers shall be comprehensible.

During the reading time the speakers will be available for individually answering the more detailed questions.

For the presentations (about 10 min per paper) we will provide transparencies of the figures from the papers, as well as other writing stuff.

The material on these internet pages is for exclusive usage at the course.

All papers enclosed as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view these files. There seems to be some problems with older versions of acrobat reader for a few files. Alternatives are given, but try to get a new version of  Acrobat Reader anyway (or read all the readable files ;-).

Looking forward to see you in Göttingen!

In case of any problems please contact:

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