Course on Computational Neuroscience

Göttingen, September 22.-26., 2004

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Abteilung fuer Nichtlineare Dynamik
Max-Planck-Institut für Strömungsforschung and
Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen
Bunsenstr. 10, 37073 Göttingen

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- Cognitive Neuroscience    Alexa Riehle (Marseille)
- Spikes, Bayes, Computation   Klaus Pawelzik (Bremen)
- Dynamics in local neural networks
   Nicolas Brunel (Paris)

- High Level Vision: Linking physiology, fMRI and behavior through computational modeling  Max Riesenhuber (Washington)
- Theoretical Neuroscience at Göttingen Markus Diesmann (Göttingen)

Course paradigm

The course is intended to provide graduate students and young researchers from all parts of neuroscience with working knowledge of theoretical and computational methods in neuroscience and to acquaint them with recent developments in this field.

The speakers will provide an overview on important aspects and recent developments in their fields of expertise by means of a three-hour tutorial. After the tutorials, participants will gather in small groups and read one out of a number of recent research papers which were selected by the speakers and will be made available to the participants already before the course. The "self-study" will be supervised by the speakers such that (based on the introduction given in the tutorials) a profound insight in the main ideas shall be obtained. The results of the self-study will be shared with other participants and discussed with them and the speakers during the presentations.

The particular form of the course has proven successful in three previous courses (1999 and 2001 at Bochum, 2003 at Göttingen). It combines lecturing with an active interaction with the main ideas of the topical fields in a way which appears optimal given the time constraints of the course.


  Wed. 22. Sept Thur. 23. Sept Fri. 24. Sept Sat. 25. Sept Sun. 26. Sept
Riesenhuber III preparation
coffee break

Brunel I
Riesenhuber I Diesmann presentations
lunch break opening (13.15)

13:30-15:00 Riehle I
Brunel II
Pawelzik I
coffee break

15:15-16:45 Riehle II
Riesenhuber II Pawelzik II

17:00-18:30 preparation
guided city walk
presentations excursion

Organizers: Michael Herrmann, Markus Diesmann, and Theo Geisel 


Dr. J. Michael Herrmann, Göttingen University