NWG Course on Computational Neuroscience

Göttingen, September, 24. - 28. 2003

photo of the participants

Hosting institution

Abteilung fuer Nichtlineare Dynamik
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Stroemungsforschung
Bunsenstr. 10, 37073 Goettingen

Supported by

Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V.          NWG logo


- Mechanisms and models of visual attention  Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue (Göttingen)
- Models of synaptic background activity  Dr. Michael Rudolph (Paris)
- Theory of neural coding  Dr. Christian Eurich (Bremen)
- Structure and function of large-scale cortical networks  PD Dr. Rolf Kötter (Düsseldorf)
- Theory of sensor-motor learning  PD Dr. Markus Lappe (Münster)



  Wed. 24. Sept Thur. 25. Sept Fri. 26. Sept Sat. 27. Sept Sun. 28. Sept
9:15-10:45   M. Lappe II M Rudolph I C. Eurich I S. Treue II
coffee break          
11:00-12:30   reading time M. Rudolph II C. Eurich II presentations
lunch break 13:15 Welcome        
13:30-15:00 R. Kötter I presentations reading time S. Treue I Final Discussion
coffee break          
15:15-16:45 R. Kötter II presentations presentations reading time  
17:00-18:30 M. Lappe I city tour


Dr. J. Michael Herrmann
Dr. Markus Diesmann
Prof. Dr. Theo Geisel

Number of participants: 25

Language: English   

Fee for attendees: 100 EUR


Dr. J. Michael Herrmann, Universität Göttingen
Institut fuer Nichtlineare Dynamik
Bunsenstr. 10, D-37073 Göttingen
Tel: 0551-5176-419, Fax: 0551-5176439
Email: nwg-course@chaos.gwdg.de