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Self-organization in Adaptive Systems

Head of group:  Geisel, Theo 

The following serves as an overview over the projects and members in the group "Self-organization in Adaptive Systems" at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization.


Self-Organized Criticality in the Activity Dynamics of Neural Networks

Neural networks display characteristics of critical dynamics in the neural activities as theoretically predicted. The power-law statistics for the size of avalanches of neural activity was confirmed in real neurons, where the critical behavior is re-approached even after a substantial perturbation of the parameters of the system. These findings provide evidence for the presence of self-organized criticality (SOC). We study neural network models that exhibit power-law statistics with realistic synaptic mechanisms, such as synaptic depression.

People working in this Group:

Name Email Phone
Demian Battaglia send email   [+33-6-35953394
Theo Geisel send email   [+49-(0)551-5176-400
Frank Stollmeier send email   [+49-(0)551-5176-413

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