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Publications of Andreas Sorge

A. Sorge, D. Manik, S. Herminghaus, and M. Timme (2015).
Towards a Unifying Framework for Demand-driven Directed Transport (D3T)
In: Proc. Winter Sim. Conf. 2015. IEEE Press, Piscataway, pages 2800--2811. download file download file

S. Kilpatrick, C. Behrens, A. Sorge, L. Burtscher, and A. Scacioc (2015).
Junior Max Planck researchers win reforms
Webpublished. download file

D. Manik, D. Witthaut, B. Schäfer, M. Matthiae, A. Sorge, M. Rohden, E. Katifori, and M. Timme (2014).
Supply networks: Instabilities without overload
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 223(12):2527-2547. download file download file

M. Rohden, A. Sorge, D. Witthaut, and M. Timme (2014).
Impact of network topology on synchrony of oscillatory power grids
Chaos 24: 013123. download file download file

M. Rohden, A. Sorge, M. Timme, and D. Witthaut (2012).
Self-Organized Synchronization in Decentralized Power Grids
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109:064101. download file download file

J.D. Thompson, P.A. McClarty, H.M. Rønnow, L.P. Regnault, A. Sorge, and M.J. Gingras (2011).
Rods of Neutron Scattering Intensity in Yb2Ti2O7: Compelling Evidence for Significant Anisotropic Exchange in a Magnetic Pyrochlore Oxide
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106:187202. download file

A. Sorge (2008).
Heteroclinic bifurcation in pulse-coupled networks: from unstable attractors to complex periodic orbits
Masters thesis, Universität Göttingen.

A. Sorge (2006).
An Effective Spin Approach to Paramagnetic Scattering in Frustrated Magnets