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Publications of Manuel Schottdorf

M. Helmer, M. Schottdorf, A. Neef, and D. Battaglia (2017).
Gender bias in scholarly peer review
eLife 6(e21718). download file

R. Samhaber, M. Schottdorf, A. El Hady, K. Bröking, A. Daus, C. Thielemann, W. Stühmer, and F. Wolf (2016).
Growing neuronal islands on multi-electrode arrays using an accurate positioning-μCP device
J Neurosc Meth 257(1):194-203. download file

M. Schottdorf, W. Keil, D. Coppola, L.E. White, and F. Wolf (2015).
Random Wiring, Ganglion Cell Mosaics, and the Functional Architecture of the Visual Cortex
PLoS Computational Biology 11(11): e1004602. download file

M. Schottdorf, S.J. Eglen, F. Wolf, and W. Keil (2014).
Can Retinal Ganglion Cell Dipoles Seed Iso-Orientation Domains in the Visual Cortex?
PLoS ONE 9(1): e86139. download file