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Publications of Andreas Neef

M. Helmer, M. Schottdorf, A. Neef, and D. Battaglia (2017).
Gender bias in scholarly peer review
eLife 6(e21718). download file

N. Neef, T. Hoang, A. Neef, W. Paulus, and M. Sommer (2015).
Speech dynamics are coded in the left motor cortex in fluent speakers but not in adults who stutter
Brain:712-725. download file download file

S. Jung, T. Maritzen, C. Wichmann, Z. Jing, A. Neef, N.H. Revelo, H. Al-Moyed, S. Meese, S.M. Wojcik, I.P. , H. Bulut, P. Schu, R. Ficner, E. Reisinger, S.O. Rizzoli, J. Neef, N. Strenzke, V. Haucke, and T. Moser (2015).
Disruption of adaptor protein 2μ (AP-2μ) in cochlear hair cells impairs vesicle reloading of synaptic release sites and hearing
EMBO. download file

S. Stern , A. Agudelo-Toro, A. Rotem, E. Moses, and A. Neef (2015).
Chronaxie Measurements in Patterned Neuronal Cultures from Rat Hippocampus
PLoS ONE 10(7):e0132577. download file

Y. Yang, T.R. Adowski, B. Ramamurthy, A. Neef, and M.A. Xu-Friedman (2015).
High speed dynamic clamp interface
J Neurophysiol 113(7):2713-2720. download file

A. Rotem, A. Neef, N.E. Neef, A. Agudelo-Toro, D. Rakhmilevitch, W. Paulus, and E. Moses (2014).
Solving the Orientation Specific Constraints in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation by Rotating Fields
PLoS ONE 9(2):e86794. download file

F. Wolf, R. Engelken, M. Puelma Touzel, J.D. Flórez Weidinger, and A. Neef (2014).
Dynamical models of cortical circuits
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 25:228-236. download file

A. Agudelo-Toro, and A. Neef (2013).
Computationally efficient simulation of electrical activity at cell membranes interacting with self-generated and externally imposed electric fields
J. Neural Eng. 10(026019). download file

A. Neef, A. El Hady, J. Nagpal, K. Bröking, G. Afshar, O. Schlüter, T. Geisel, E. Bamberg, R. Fleischmann, W. Stühmer, and F. Wolf (2013).
Continuous Dynamic Photostimulation - inducing in-vivo-like fluctuating conductances with Channelrhodopsins
Preprint at arXiv. download file download file

A. Witt, A. Palmigiano, A. Neef, A. El Hady, F. Wolf, and D. Battaglia (2013).
Controlling the oscillation phase through precisely timed closed-loop optogenetic stimulation: a computational study
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7. download file

K. Weiß, A. Neef, Q. Van, S. Kramer, I. Gregor, and J. Enderlein (2013).
Quantifying the Diffusion of Membrane Proteins and Peptides in Black Lipid Membranes with 2-Focus Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Biophysical Journal 105(2):455--462. download file

N.E. Neef, M. Sommer, A. Neef, W. Paulus, A.W. von Gudenberg, K. Jung, and T. Wüstenberg (2012).
Reduced Speech Perceptual Acuity for Stop Consonants in Individuals Who Stutter
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 55(1):276-89. download file

N.E. Neef, W. Paulus, A. Neef, A.W. von Gudenberg, and M. Sommer (2011).
Reduced intracortical inhibition and facilitation in the primary motor tongue representation of adults who stutter.
Clinical Neurophysiology 122(9):1802--11. download file download file

B.N. Buran, N. Strenzke, A. Neef, E.D. Gundelfinger, T. Moser, and M.C. Liberman (2010).
Onset coding is degraded in auditory nerve fibers from mutant mice lacking synaptic ribbons.
Journal of Neuroscience 30(22):7587-97. download file download file

T. Frank, M.A. Rutherford, N. Strenzke, A. Neef, T. Pangršič, D. Khimich, A. Fejtova, E.D. Gundelfinger, M.C. Liberman, B. Harke, K.E. Bryan, A. Lee, A. Egner, D. Riedel, and T. Moser (2010).
Bassoon and the Synaptic Ribbon Organize Ca2+ Channels and Vesicles to Add Release Sites and Promote Refilling
Neuron 68(4):724-38. download file download file

N. Strenzke, S. Chanda, C. Kopp-Scheinpflug, D. Khimich, K. Reim, A.V. Bulankina, A. Neef, F. Wolf, N. Brose, M. Xu-Friedman, and M. Tobias (2009).
Complexin-I is required for high-fidelity transmission at the endbulb of Held auditory synapse.
Journal of Neuroscience 29(25):7991-8004. download file download file

T. Frank, D. Khimich, A. Neef, and T. Moser (2009).
Mechanisms contributing to synaptic Ca2+ signals and their heterogeneity in hair cells
PNAS 106(11):4483-4488. download file download file

A. Neef, C. Heinemann, and T. Moser (2007).
Measurements of membrane patch capacitance using a software-based lock-in system.
Pflügers Archive 454(2):335-44. download file download file

A. Neef, D. Khimich, P. Pirih, D. Riedel, F. Wolf, and T. Moser (2007).
Probing the Mechanism of Exocytosis at the Hair Cell Ribbon Synapse
Journal of Neuroscience 27(47):12933–12944. download file

A. Neef (2004).
Molekulare Grundlagen der Modulation von HCN-Kanälen durch Protonen
Phd thesis, Research Centre Juelich / Cologne University . download file download file

M.G. Holt, A. Cooke, A. Neef, and L. Lagnado (2004).
High mobility of vesicles supports continuous exocytosis at a ribbon synapse
Curr Biol 14(3):173-83. download file

H. Schmalwasser, A. Neef, A.A. Elliott, and S.H. Heinemann (1998).
Two-electrode voltage clamp of Xenopus oocytes under high hydrostatic pressure
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 81(1-1):1-7. download file