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Publications of Jan Nagler

M. Schröder, N. Araújo, D. Sornette, and J. Nagler (2017).
Controlling percolation with limited resources
Phys. Rev. E 96(6):062302. download file download file

M. Schröder, S. Chakraborty, D. Witthaut, J. Nagler, and M. Timme (2016).
Interaction Control to Synchronize Non-synchronizable Networks
Sci. Rep. 6:37142. download file download file

M. Schröder, W. Chen, and J. Nagler (2016).
Discrete scale invariance in supercritical percolation
New J. Phys. 18(1):013042. download file download file

D. Lamouroux, J. Nagler, T. Geisel, and S. Eule (2015).
Paradoxical effects of coupling infectious livestock populations and imposing transport restrictions
Proc. Roy. S. B 282(1802). download file download file

R. D'Souza, and J. Nagler (2015).
Anomalous critical and supercritical phenomena in explosive percolation
Nature Phys. 11:531. download file download file

F. Stollmeier, T. Geisel, and J. Nagler (2014).
Possible Origin of Stagnation and Variability of Earth’s Biodiversity
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112:228101. download file download file

K. Zhu, W. Li, X. Fu, and J. Nagler (2014).
How Do Online Social Networks Grow?
PLoS ONE 9(6):e100023. download file download file

W. Chen, M. Schröder, R. D’Souza, D. Sornette, and J. Nagler (2014).
Microtransition Cascades to Percolation
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112(15):155701. download file download file

M. Schröder, S.E. Rahbari, and J. Nagler (2013).
Crackling noise in fractional percolation
Nat. Commun. 4(2222). download file

W. Chen, J. Nagler, X. Cheng, X. Jin, H. Shen, Z. Zheng, and R.M. D'Souza (2013).
Phase transitions in supercritical explosive percolation
Phys. Rev. E 87:052130. download file

W. Chen, X. Cheng, . Zheng, N.N. Chung, R.M. D'Souza, and J. Nagler (2013).
Unstable supercritical discontinuous percolation transitions
Phys. Rev. E 88: 042152. download file

D. Lamouroux, S. Eule, T. Geisel, and J. Nagler (2012).
Discriminating the effects of spatial extent and population size in cyclic competition among species
Phys. Rev. E 86:021911. download file

J. Nagler, T. Tiessen, and H.W. Gutch (2012).
Continuous Percolation with Discontinuities
Phys. Rev. X 2(3):031009-1--031009-6. download file

H. Hennig, R. Fleischmann, A. Fredebohm, Y. Hagmayer, J. Nagler, A. Witt, F. Theis, and T. Geisel (2011).
The nature and perception of fluctuations in human musical rhythms
PLoS One 6(10):e26457. download file

J. Nagler, A. Levina, and M. Timme (2011).
Impact of single links in competitive percolation
Nature Physics 7:265. download file download file

S. Uppaluri, J. Nagler, E. Stellamanns, N. Heddergott, S. Herminghaus, M. Engstler, and T. Pfohl (2011).
Impact of microscopic motility on the overall swimming behaviour of parasites
PloS Comput Biol 7(6)(e1002058). download file download file

J. Nagler, and P.H. Richter (2010).
Simple model for dice loading
New J. Phys. 12. download file

J. Nagler, and P.H. Richter (2010).
How does God play dice?
In: Reviews of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity, edited by H. G. Schuster. Wiley.

J. Nagler, and P.H. Richter (2008).
How random is dice tossing? (featured in Nature 455, p.434, 2008)
Phys. Rev. E 78:036207.