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Publications of Karsten Kruse

K. Kruse (2002).
A dynamic model for determining the middle of Escherichia coli
Biophys. J. 82:618.

K. Kruse, and K. Sekimoto (2002).
Growth of finger-like protrusions driven by molecular motors
Phys. Rev. E. 66:031904.

K. Kruse (2001).
A generic model for the dynamics of MinCDE in E. coli

K. Kruse, S. Camalet, and F. Jülicher (2001).
Self-propagating Patterns in Active Filament Bundles
Phys. Rev. Lett. 87:138101. download file

K. Kruse, R. Ketzmerick, and T. Geisel (2000).
Quantum Chaos and Spectral Transitions in the Kicked Harper Model
In: Statistical and Dynamical Aspects of Mesoscopic Systems. Proceedings of the XVI. Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics, edited by D. Reguera and G. Platero and L. L. Bonilla and J. M. Rubi. Springer, Berlin, pages 47.

K. Kruse, and F. Jülicher (2000).
Actively contracting bundles of polar filaments
Phys. Rev. Lett. 85:1778-1781. download file

R. Ketzmerick, K. Kruse, D. Springsguth, and T. Geisel (2000).
Bloch Electrons in a Magnetic Field - Why does Chaos send Electrons the Hard Way ?
Phys. Rev. Lett. 84:2929. download file

T. Geisel, R. Ketzmerick, and K. Kruse (2000).
Quantum Chaos in Extended Systems: Spreading Wave Packets and Avoided Band Crossings
In: New Directions in Quantum Chaos, Proceedings of Enrico Fermi School, edited by G. Casati and I. Guarneri and U. Smilansky, IOS Press, Amsterdam, pages 101.

R. Ketzmerick, K. Kruse, and T. Geisel (1999).
Efficient diagonalization of kicked quantum systems
Physica D 131 (1999):247–253.

R. Ketzmerick, K. Kruse, F. Steinbach, and T. Geisel (1998).
A covering property of Hofstadter's butterfly
Phys. Rev. B 58:9881.

R. Ketzmerick, K. Kruse, and T. Geisel (1998).
Avoided Band Crossings: Tuning Metal-Insulator Transitions in Chaotic Systems
Phys. Rev. Lett. 80:137. download file

R. Ketzmerick, K. Kruse, S. Kraut, and T. Geisel (1997).
What determines the spreading of a wave packet?
Phys. Rev. Lett. 79:1959. download file