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Publications of Jonas Franz

J. Franz, M. Tarantola, and C. Riethmüller (2017).
How tetraspanins shape endothelial and leukocyte nano-architecture during inflammation
Biochemical Society Transactions 45(4):999–1006. download file download file

X. Ma, R. Hartmann, D. Jimenez De Aberasturi, F. Yang, S. Soenen, B. Manshian, J. Franz, D. Valdeperez, B. Pelaz, N. Feliu, N. Hampp, C. Riethmüller, H. Vieker, N. Frese, A. Gölzhäuser, M. Simonich, R. Tanguay, X. Liang, and W. Parak (2017).
Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles Induce Changes in Cellular and Subcellular Morphology
ACS Nano 11(8):7807-7820.

J. Franz, B. Brinkmann, M. König, J. Hüve, C. Stock, K. Ebnet, and C. Riethmüller (2016).
Nanoscale imaging reveals a tetraspanin-CD9 coordinated elevation of endothelial ICAM-1 clusters
PLoS ONE 11(1). download file download file

J. Franz, M. Beutel, K. Gevers, A. Kramer, J. Thyssen, S. Kezic, and C. Riethmüller (2016).
Nanoscale alterations of corneocytes indicate skin disease
Skin Research and Technology 22(2):174–180. download file

C. Riethmüller, M. McAleer, S. Koppes, R. Abdayem, J. Franz, M. Haftek, L. Campbell, S. Maccallum, H. McLean, and A. Irvine (2015).
Filaggrin breakdown products determine corneocyte conformation in patients with atopic dermatitis
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 136(6):1573-1580. download file download file

W. Neuhaus, F. Gaiser, A. Mahringer, J. Franz, C. Riethmüller, and C. Förster (2014).
The pivotal role of astrocytes in an in vitro stroke model of the blood-brain barrier
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 8:352. download file download file

C. Riethmüller, H. Oberleithner, M. Wilhelmi, J. Franz, E. Schlatter, J. Klokkers, and B. Edemir (2008).
Translocation of aquaporin-containing vesicles to the plasma membrane is facilitated by actomyosin relaxation
Biophys J 94(2):671-678. download file