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Publications of Demian Battaglia

M. Helmer, M. Schottdorf, A. Neef, and D. Battaglia (2017).
Gender bias in scholarly peer review
eLife 6(e21718). download file

C. Kirst, M. Timme, and D. Battaglia (2016).
Dynamic information routing in complex networks
Nature Comm. 7:11061. download file download file

M. Helmer, V. Kozyrev, V. Stephan, S. Treue, T. Geisel, and D. Battaglia (2016).
Model-Free Estimation of Tuning Curves and Their Attentional Modulation, Based on Sparse and Noisy Data
PLoS One 11(1):e0146500. download file

P. Wadewitz, K. Hammerschmidt, D. Battaglia, A. Witt, F. Wolf, and J. Fischer (2015).
Characterizing Vocal Repertoires—Hard vs. Soft Classification Approaches
PLOS ONE 10(4): e0125785. download file

A. Witt, A. Palmigiano, A. Neef, A. El Hady, F. Wolf, and D. Battaglia (2013).
Controlling the oscillation phase through precisely timed closed-loop optogenetic stimulation: a computational study
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7. download file

D. Battaglia, A. Karagiannis, T. Gallopin, H.W. Gutch, and B. Cauli (2013).
Beyond the frontiers of neuronal types
Front. Neural Circuits 7(13). download file download file

O. Stetter, J. Soriano, T. Geisel, and D. Battaglia (2013).
From Structure to Function, via Dynamics
American Institute of Physics, doi: 10.1063/1.4776502. download file

D. Battaglia, A. Witt, F. Wolf, and T. Geisel (2012).
Dynamic Effective Connectivity of Inter-Areal Brain Circuits
PLoS Comput. Biol. 8(3):e1002438. download file

O. Stetter, D. Battaglia, J. Soriano, and T. Geisel (2012).
Model-Free Reconstruction of Excitatory Neuronal Connectivity from Calcium Imaging Signals
PLoS Comput Biol 8(8):e1002653. download file download file

A. Karagiannis, T. Gallopin, D. Csaba, D. Battaglia, H. Geoffroy, J. Rossier, E. Hillman, J. Staiger, and B. Cauli (2009).
Classification of NPY-expressing neocortical interneurons
J Neurosci 29(11):3642--3659. download file

D. Battaglia (2009).
Neuron-less Neural-like Networks with Exponential Association Capacity at Tabula Rasa
In: Methods and Models in Artificial and Natural Computation, vol. 1 (IWINAC 2009), edited by J. Mira, J.M Ferrandez, J. R. Alvarez et al.. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, pages 184-194. download file