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BCCN AG-Seminar

Tuesday, 12.04.2016 17 c.t.

Synaptic plasticity in a dynamic world

by Prof. Dr. Mark van Rossum
from University of Edinburgh, Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation, Edinburgh, UK

Contact person: Florentin Wörgötter


Großer Seminarraum MPIbpC, Am Faßberg 11, 37077 Göttingen


Despite years of effort, we are still lacking a satisfactory model of synaptic plasticity. In this talk I will present our recent phenomenological model of excitatory cortical plasticity that has both changes in pre and post synaptic components. This split, that was not considered earlier in models, reveals some interesting benefits of this construction and is consistent with both Ebbinghaus' memory savings concept and recent physiological data. I will furthermore argue how synaptic plasticity rules can be seen as the result of a memory system adopted to deal a changing world.

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