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Tuesday, 05.08.2014 17 c.t.

The interactions of adaptive processes on different time scales and their functional roles in neural systems

by Dr. Christian Tetzlaff
from Georg-August-Universität, BCCN, Göttingen

Contact person: Fred Wolf


Ludwig Prandtl lecture hall


The environment, humans and animals are situated in, changes over a broad range of time scales. To guarantee adequate behaviors in such environments, on the one side, each individual requires the ability to learn, process, and memorize moments of the environment over different time scales. On the other side, the dynamics of neural systems is determined by several adaptive processes which also proceed on a wide variety of time scales. My research concentrates on linking the adaptive processes of neural systems, as synaptic plasticity and scaling, to the learning and memory processes on the behavioral level. This enables us, for instance, to provide potential explanations for intriguing memory effects as memory destabilization and consolidation and to analyze the interactions between different memory systems as working and long-term memory.

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