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Tuesday, 26.01.2016 17 c.t.

Computational approaches to perception and action: from receptive fields to value functions

by Prof. Dr. Constantin A. Rothkopf
from Institute of Psychology, Technical University Darmstadt

Contact person: Viola Priesemann


Ludwig Prandtl lecture hall


There is both considerable theoretical as well as empirical work demonstrating that understanding visual behavior in naturalistic sequential tasks will require that perceptual, decision, and motor systems be considered together. Here I'll present several studies that utilize a combination of normative computational modeling within the Bayesian framework, classic behavioral methods measuring movements of the eyes and body, and virtual reality implementing parametric environments in an attempt to describe naturalistic behavior and uncover the relationships that exist between these systems. Particular emphasis will be put on distinguishing implementational, algorithmic, or computational models of cognitive systems.


In addition to his talk Prof. Rothkopf will give a tutorial at 4:15 PM to which you are also invited!

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