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Thursday, 11.12.2014 17 c.t.
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Pinwheel-Dipole structures in V1: Exhaustivity, parsimony and balanced detection

by Dr. Alberto Romagnoni
from The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology, College de France, Paris

Contact person: Fred Wolf


Ludwig Prandtl lecture hall


The layout of sensory brain areas is thought to subtend perception. Nonetheless the principles shaping the functional architecture of cortical maps and their role in information processing are still not completely understood. I will discuss the representation of orientation and spatial frequency in cat primary visual cortex. In particular I will show that two natural principles, local exhaustivity and parsimony of representation, constrain the orientation and spatial frequency map to show pinwheel-dipole singularities, evidenced in experimental data. Moreover, using a simple computational model of visual information processing I will show that this architecture allows a trade-off in the local detection of the two attributes and discuss the experimental predictions of this balance.

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