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Friday, 13.02.2015 14:15 c.t.

From "RunBot" to walking by electrical stimulation

by Dr. Bernd Porr
from University of Glasgow

Contact person: Florentin Wörgötter


Ludwig Prandtl lecture hall


The "RunBot" was developed several years ago by us in order to demonstrate that walking can be established by a electro-mechanical closed loop system without any central pattern generator. The question arises if this idea can be translated into a electro-muscular system which generates a stable walking gait in humans, for example with spinal injuries. This talk describes how we tackled this task and will both investigate the electrical and mechanical system. In terms of the electrical control we treated the human as a black box performing system identification between sensor information and muscle activity. While the electrical system underwent subsequent simplifications, the mechanical system was extended to arrive at a more realistic setup which resulted in a compliant knee. The resulting control program of this improved RunBot II could then be directly transferred onto a system which stimulates the muscles of a subject and established a stable walking gait.

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