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Tuesday, 14.06.2011 17 c.t.

Reconstructing phase dynamics of oscillator networks

by Prof. Dr. Michael Rosenblum
from Potsdam University, Nonlinear Dynamics Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Contact person: Annette Witt


Ludwig Prandtl Hörsaal, Am Faßberg 11 AI-Gebäude


Many natural and technological systems can be described as networks of coupled oscillators. A typical problem in their analysis is to find dynamical features, e.g., synchronization, transition to chaos, etc., in dependence on the properties of oscillators and of the coupling. Here we address the inverse problem: how to find the properties of the coupling from the observed dynamics of the oscillators. This may be relevant for many experimental situations, where the equations of underlying dynamics are not known. We present here a method which is based on invariant reconstruction of phase dynamics equations from multivariate observations, where at least one scalar oscillating observable of each oscillator must be available. The method includes several algorithmic steps which are rather easy to implement numerically. We illustrate the method by numerical examples of small networks of van der Pol oscillators.

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