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Tuesday, 19.04.2011 16 c.t.

Connecting robots with brains: Introduction of Brain-Robot Interface (BRI) studies

by Prof. Dr. Jun Morimoto
from Dept. of Brain Robot Interface (BRI), ATR Computational Neuroscience Labs, Kyoto, Japan

Contact person: Florentin Wörgötter


Hörsaal 5 (HS5), Fakultät für Physik, Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1


In this talk, we first briefly introduce our robot learning studies and its application to humanoid robot. Then, we introduce our approach to understand sensory-motor mechanisms in our brain. Recent advance of the multi-unit recording system allows us to simultaneously record monkey’s neural activities from many neurons with capturing monkey’s movements. In our approach, we try to extract low-dimensional features shared by the recorded neural activities and the captured movements using canonical correlation analysis (CCA). In concrete, we analyze simultaneously recorded multi-unit neural activities of anesthetized monkey’s dorsal root ganglion (DRG) at cervical segments and captured data of passive arm/hand movements. We discuss how the extracted low-dimensional common representation can be useful to construct the brain-robot interface (BRI), i.e., the interface to connect the brain to a robotic device.

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