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Tuesday, 05.07.2011 17 c.t.

Exploring the mouse visual cortex in vivo with two-photon calcium imaging

by Dr. Nathalie Rochefort
from Institute of Neuroscience, Technische Universität München

Contact person: Fred Wolf


Seminarraum 0.79, Am Faßberg 17, MPIDS


In sensory cortex regions, neurons are tuned to specific stimulus features. For example, in the visual cortex, many neurons fire predominantly in response to moving objects of a preferred orientation. Some of these neurons are also direction-selective, in that they are significantly more activated by a preferred direction of stimulus motion than by any other direction. Contrary to other species such as ferrets, cats and monkeys, the development of such simple properties remains unclear in the rodent visual cortex that lacks the typical columnar organization of selective neurons. Understanding visual processing in a simple system as the mouse cortex should provide insight into the minimal mechanisms necessary for receptive field development and function. In this talk, I will show two applications of in vivo two-photon calcium imaging for the study of neuronal development and function in the mouse primary visual cortex.

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