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Tuesday, 07.12.2010 17 c.t.

Changing gears, from extracellular field potential recordings to multisite In-Cell recordings of synaptic- and action potentials by noninvasive MEA

by Prof. Dr. Micha Spira
from Dept. of Neurobiology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Contact person: Ahmed El Hady


Seminarraum Haus 2, 4. Stock (Bunsenstr.)


In the presentation I will report on the development of a novel neuro-electronic interface consisting of an array of noninvasive gold-mushroom-shaped microelectrodes (gMµEs) that can provide intracellular recordings and stimulation from many individual sites, while the electrodes maintain an extracellular position. The development of this interface allows simultaneous, multisite, long-term recordings of action-potentials and subthreshold synaptic potentials with matching quality and signal-to-noise ratio of conventional intracellular sharp glass microelectrodes or patch electrodes. The key to the multi-electrode-array “in-cell recording” approach is the outcome of three converging cell biological principals: (a) the activation of endocytotic-like mechanisms in which the cultured cells are induced to actively engulf gold-mushroom microelectrodes that protrude from a flat substrate, (b) the generation of high seal resistance between the cell’s membrane and the engulfed gMµE, and (c) the localization of ionic channels (Ohmic conductance) in the plasma membrane that faces the gMµE.

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