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BCCN AG-Seminar

Tuesday, 03.11.2009 17 c.t.

Ultra high speed random number generation based on a chaotic semiconductor laser

by Prof. Dr. Ido Kanter
from Bar Ilan University, Israel

Contact person: Marc Timme


Seminarraum Haus 2, 4. Stock (Bunsenstr.)


The fluctuating intensity of a chaotic semiconductor laser is used for generating random sequences at rates up to 12.5Gbits/s. The conversion of the fluctuating intensity to a random bit sequence can be implemented in either software or hardware and the overall rate of generation is much faster than any previously reported random number generator based on a physical mechanism. The generator's simplicity, robustness and insensitivity to control parameters should enable its application to tasks of secure communication and calculation procedures requiring ultra high speed generation of random bit sequences.

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