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BCCN AG-Seminar

Tuesday, 16.06.2009 17 c.t.

Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Imaging: Basics and Applications

by Prof. Dr. Joerg Enderlein
from Department of Physics, Georg August University Göttingen

Contact person: Fred Wolf


Seminarraum Haus 2, 4. Stock (Bunsenstr.)


Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging has become an important and powerful tool in biophysical research. I present an overview of several recent advances in single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging. In particular, three methods will be discussed in detail: (i) dual-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for for high-precision measurements of diffusion and its application for monitoring minute changes in protein conformation; (ii) fast fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for measuring rotational diffusion of macromolecules; (iii) defocused image analysis of single molecules (DIAM) for studying translation and rotation of individual molecules in complex environments.

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