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Tuesday, 17.05.2005 16 c.t.

Chaos in Networks of Dynamic Elements via the Peak-crossing Bifurcation

by Prof. Dr. Leonid Bunimovich
from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Contact person: Holger Schanz


Seminarraum Haus 2, 4. Stock (Bunsenstr.)


To understand dynamics of networks consisting of interacting (local) dynamical systems (elements) one needs (at least) to understand how (spatial) interactions between local systems can modify their individual (local) dynamics. A natural approach to this problem is to consider a strength of (spatial) interactions as a bifurcation parameter and to look for some (better general) bifurcations of this type. I will describe one such general and robust scenario that leads to appearance of chaotically evolving local systems in networks of elements with regular (without spatial interactions) local dynamics when the strength of interactions exceeds some threshold. Local systems need not to be identical. As a result of this bifurcation a state of spatial intermittency emerges where chaotically evolving local systems coexist with (still) regularly evolving local systems.

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