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Tuesday, 07.06.2005 16 c.t.

Coupled microwave billiards and symmetry breaking

by Dr. Barbara Dietz
from Universität Darmstadt


Seminarraum Haus 2, 4. Stock (Bunsenstr.)


In the first part of my talk I will shortly introduce billiards. They provide a most appropriate system for the study of the manifestation of classical chaos in the spectral properties of the corresponding quantum system. In the group of Professor Richter properties of the eigenvalues and the eigenfunctions of a quantum billiard are obtained experimentally from the spectra of flat cylindrical resonators, so-called microwave billiards. A system consisting of two coupled microwave billiards may be used for the investigation of the effect of symmetry breaking in chaotic systems on spectral properties. In my talk I will speak about the experimental and theoretical results obtained from measurements with two coupled stadium billiards, especially those on the properties of the wavefunction components. The theoretical evaluation is based on random matrix model.

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