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BFNT/BCCN Sonderseminar

Tuesday, 15.11.2011 11 s.t.

The Effect of Inflation on the Phenomenon of Vacuum Polarization

by Henri Degueldre
from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Contact person: Theo Geisel


MPI DS seminar room (0.77/0.79)


I begin with a very brief discussion of cosmology, with an emphasis on explaining what primordial inflation is, why we believe it occurred, why quantum loop effects --- which are very small now --- would have been vastly enhanced during this epoch, and how these strengthened quantum effects become fossilized so that they can survive to the current epoch. Then I discuss how the vacuum polarization corrects the classical Maxwell equations. Finally, I present my results for the effects of the one loop vacuum polarization from scalar quantum electrodynamics on the electric and magnetic fields produced by a point charge and by a point magnetic dipole. One important consequence is that the one loop quantum corrections very rapidly become nonperturbatively strong during inflation.

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